Rococo in Sweden 1750 - 1775

Monday 5th December 2016 at 13:43

The furniture from the Rococo period in Sweden is one of our favorite styles with Its sophistication and sensitive, gently curved lines. 

Despite being already popular in France since about 1720's, Rococo took several decades before it emerged in Sweden. It was only after 1750 that the style took hold of the conservative craftsmen in the country. Its elegant and graceful "S" curve lines made the furniture light and playful. It was a relief from the Baroque dark and heavy furniture.  

It is true that black coloured pieces do not immediately come to mind when thinking about Swedish antique painted furniture. Black pieces were however quite popular during the 18th century and particularly on desks and writing tables. Just recently we discovered a remarkably well drawn rococo table. We love the black as it helps to define and silhouette the architectural qualities and lends a certain "masculinity" without being to heavy. The Black roccocco desk shown is a fabulous example of the Swedish interpretation of the rococo style: sensitive, gently curved lines to the legs and apron, sparse on the carvings and yet elegant. Its sophistication and simple lines, combine to make pieces like this work well in a wide variety of spaces and mix perfectly with modern furniture and in contemporary as well as traditional spaces.