• D L DESIGNS, Reproductions, History in the Making


    Reproductions, History in the Making

    A new adventure in the home furnishings marketplace by Daniel & Cristina Larsson. Offering timeless classic designs, inspired by the finest 18th - 19th-century Swedish furniture.


    With the increasing popularity and demand for fine authentic examples of historic Swedish furnishings, it is no longer possible to meet demand. Original examples rarely come to market and command premium prices. We at D. Larsson have been building an archive of some of the finest historic designs and educated craftsmen to recreate them. This will enable us to offer high-quality pieces both individually and multiples.


    The goal is to safeguard designs and to develop, create and showcase high-quality classic Swedish furnishings, informed by our experience and knowledge of unique original examples.


    Trade, please visit @trade_d.larsson